Living Life

Dearest Danny

I think of you all the time and wish you were still here with me to share the wonder of life.

It was an amazing experience to see you growing up. To see you developing from a little baby into becoming more and more a personality in your right. To discover with you the things you loved, the things you liked and what you didn't like.

You have seen so little of life. So many pleasures that you didn't live to experience – places to go and things to see. I can make a list here of all the things that a boy who live for little less than 4 years never experienced but I don't have to. Anyone can figure that out, if they want.

I am so happy and thankful for everything that we did do – that we went on holiday to the sea in December, that you started school in August when you were 3 and a half, that we went fishing (when this photo was taken), that I stopped working full time after you were born to stay at home with you and many other good decisions that I have made about your time on earth.

Never have I thought that you would be here for such a short time but you lived your life to the fullest. I am blessed because I have no regrets - what we had was perfect.

I kiss you, my little angel.

With all my love, as always.

(A very special big thank you to my dear friend (and angel) Mariska, Anthony, Leon, Marisa and the little ones Franco, Marnus and Mia for inviting us to come fishing with you and for the lovely day me and Daniel had. The photo is one of my treasured pictures of Daniel and was taken and given to me by Marisa.)