Good Mornings

As a single mom with a new born baby, my bed was not only the most practical and but also by far the most enjoyable place my baby sleep and in nearly 4 years there were only a very few nights that I didn't share my sleeping space with Daniel.

Like most toddlers Daniel had certain rituals that needed to be followed religiously. One of them was to have first thing, every morning, this same delightful dialogue:

Even before he opened his eyes he would ask "Mamma!!! Where are you?" That was regardless whether I was still right next to him in bed or not.

If I was already up and out of bed he would call again "Mamma!!! Where are you?" in a much louder voice with a slight undertone of panic and I had to answer telling him where I was, in the kitchen, in the bathroom or where ever.

I then had to go him so that we could restart our day. Right from the beginning.

"Mamma!!! Where are you?" as if he had just woken up.

"I'm in bed with Daniel" was the reply he required.

Then it was my turn to ask "And where is Daniel?"

"With Mamma!!!" said with shrieks of delight, devotion and all the love a 4 year old boy could possibly have for his mom.

And that was our good mornings, starting each day secure in our happy togetherness.