Precious Moments

Daniel loved the Baby Einstein DVD's and I loved to watch it with him. The words are from the Baby Shakespeare DVD and I share it today as a gift of love to to my Danny Baby. Because for us, these are more than just words - it holds a piece of our precious memory and the feeling of our togetherness.

I love to see the big white moon shining in the sky
I love to see the little stars and scattered clouds go by
I love to hear the raindrops falling in the night
and the soft wind sighs at dawns grey light

The photos were taken when Daniel was 3 months old and are more than just pictures - these are also images of  happiness and forever love.


Carrie said...

So precious Alison, lots of love to you xx

Lizette said...

Hi Alison, ek sit met trane in my oë, ek is vreeslik jammer om te hoor van Daniel, hy was 'n pragtige engel seun. Jy het die mooiste profile vir hom gemaak, ek weet nie wat om vir jou te sê nie, maar ek weet hy sal altyd deel wees van jou lewe. Hy was baie spesiaal en jy is bevoorreg dat hy vir jou geleen was al was dit vir so 'n kort tydjie. My gedagtes is by jou en ek weet jy het seer, maar wees verseker hy is 'n baie gelukkige seuntjie in die hemel.

Pokagon Member said...

bohzo Alison

I hope you are well. I try to keep myself very busy to keep my mind busy. Blogging seems to help me. It keeps my mind from drifting.

I look at you beautiful photographs of Daniel and feel sad. I also know that children do go to heaven because they are innocent from the wrongs of the world.

I commit myself to charities to keep myself busy. I also realize that if I do not keep my blog up, so many Potawatomi depend on me to continue. I am the only news blog for the Potawatomi. Most of the time I do not feel like being on the computer, this is when I force myself to move forward.

You bring comfort to many hurting. I understand your feelings of remembering. I try really hard right now not to remember, it is not healthy not to remember, it means avoidance of facing something. I think for me it is denial because my mind is not ready to cope or heal. Your remembering means you are coping, facing and healing. You have had more time than my in your process of moving surviving.

I wish you a good day, you have a kind spirit, you are so strong in how you live, remember and survive.