Happy Birthday Dearest Daniel

The photo was taken on the day that Daniel and I came home from the hospital after he was born. It felt so right when I had Daniel in my arms that I never tried to put him to sleep in his own bed, I just cuddled with him until he (and sometimes me too) fell asleep. I am still sure that he was the happiest baby in the world and that I was the happiest mom. It made me feel so complete in myself, being the mom of my three children. Whenever I thought of my unique but perfect little family, my heart spontaneously overflowed with pure joy.
Dearest Daniel

Happy happy birthday. You would have been a glorious 5 years old today and I imagined  what I would have given to you for your birthday today

A day at the beach
A birthday cake with 500 candles (as you could never get enough of blowing out candles
All the Walt Disney movies that were released the past year
A first outing to the movies, to see Toy Story 3, don’t worry Darling, I won't forget the popcorn
A big bag of extra pieces to add to your wooden train set
An illustrated hardcover version of The House on Pooh Corner
Something Ben10 ( I just guess this being the ”in thing” for 5 year old boys)

Most of all I wish and want to give you the one impossible gift, giving you your life back.

Like every other day, I want to kiss you and give you the biggest sweetest Mamma hug ever. I want to touch your face and stroke you hair. I want you, my Angel.

Take care my Danieltjie, I hold you close in my heart and I give to you my love, like always, Mamma x x x


Mike said...

Does not feel like the second birthday without Danny.
I feel your pain .

Rida said...

dink aan jou met jou baby se verjaarsdag - stywe hug van my ( "hug")

Belinda said...

Alison, my heart breaks for you, you must be longing sooo much. Being a mother, and loving your children is a very strong emotion. May the angels of comfort hold you so tight today, and always.

Tracy said...

Sending lots and lots of hugs and kisses xxxx

The Little Schoolhouse said...

Ons dink aan jou vandag!
The Little Schoolhouse xxx

Anonymous said...

Alison.......Thought of you and Daniel so much the whole day and every day, I hope that in some way you felt him close by.You are a beautiful person and deserve so much more, thinking of you, always. xx

InfEnMa said...

Happy Birthday, dear Danny!