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 A small piece from a bigger picture....

When I write a blog post I always finish all the writing before I select a title for the post and only after that will I select a photo. Sometimes I know exactly which photo I want and sometimes I would just browse through our pictures until I find one.
My find tonight was a happy discovery. I looked through the photos of our December holiday just before Daniel died so many times but never before did I notice that in the background of another photo were Daniel and I - close as we always will be - building sand castles on the beach.


debbie said...

I just came across your blog and wanted to tell you that Daniel is so beautiful. This picture of you playing in the sand with him is so precious! I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. With love, debbie

Pokagon Member said...

hello Allison

Myblog log is very busy and active, blog catalog is slow so is Opera.

You will get huge traffic on my blog log to the point you might not be able to keep up with comments.

I hope you are feeling better and i always check up on you since i first found your site.

Losing Daniel will always be on my blog roll as long as i live.

I will say two prayers for you and hope you are ready for a flood of traffic.

These myblog log folks are very nice and kind people.

Talk to you again.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo of the 2 of you, I am sure Daniel had the ability to see far more into the conscious and unconscious just like you his mother, than most people would like to realise.From reading your posts Daniel was the making of a beautiful angel,and that he will always be with you in mind body and spirit. I am so sorry for your tremendous loss and I am sure he made you smile everyday,treasure all your memories-God Bless you