Lecia's Love

From Alecia (now 15 years old) written on 6 January 2010 - a year after she has lost her beloved baby brother:
It's been a year since i lost u.
I'm just wondering when its going to start feeling better.
Do u ever get over losing the one thing u love most.
i miss u danny.
smile 4 me today.
From before Daniel was born Alecia had made special 'I love you' cards and pictures for him. She did these pictures when he was about a year old.


Pokagon Member said...

I wish you and your family well and hope that this year will be better for you.

I can not imagine the pain and suffering. I like your drawings they are very nice.

Denise said...

Oh my...she is so sweet. I love this.

Lisa said...

Beautiful xx

Belinda said...

Longing words from a sweet sister to her angel brother. Beautiful, Lecia. x

Deb said...

beautiful sibling love xxxx

Janet said...

Sweet dreams precious little angel xoxo

Carrie said...

Thought about you a lot over the last month, I know it has been a year for you and it is getting closer for us...how are you keeping? You and Daniel are always in my prayers...stay strong! love x

Andrea said...

What a beautiful note...oh, so hard as well. Sending my love.

Pokagon Member said...

bohzho Allison

Gwi kigdomen me' gwa gnebech?

I will write my friends tomorrow and get them to visit. Have a good day! I will say a prayer for you that today and tomorrow will be very good days for you.