Poem For Daniel

Two months after Daniel had died I was lost in a strange city, without a home, too broken to find my way, too sad to care about life and that is how my wonderful foster family found me. We had lost contact 16 years before but when I contacted the youngest of the 3 sisters Helé through Facebook they opened their house and their hearts to me, without doubt or hesitation.

I was welcomed into their world as part of the family and they cried with me holding my hand through the darkest of times. I am still living with them and think that they are a family of angels, beyond special. They never had a chance to meet Daniel in person and this poem was written for him by Helé...my beautiful youngest sister.
For the one I never got to meet :

When you left me – my heart lay awaken by unsaid things
I want to tell you that I’ll miss you
I want to tell you how much I care
I want to hold you in my arms
Feel you near
I want to tell you how much I’ll miss your smile
The way you make me feel
They way you lifted up a room
By just being you
I want to show the world just how much I care
I want you to know I’ll always be there
Even if you are not here any more
I will always love you even more


René Badenhorst said...

I read about Daniel on LIGnet.
I am touched by your pain. You had a beautiful son! May God guide you on the road of recovery.

Cheryl said...

I dont really know what to say after reading your story except my heart breaks for you. I have a little girl who is 8 and my life would crumble if something has to happen to her. I hope the pain becomes less. Cheryl

Hester de Villiers said...

Jy is vir ons baie spesiaal. Ons is dankbaardat God jou op ons pad geplaas het. Om liefde te kan gee, was nog nooit vir ons moeilik nie en die feit dat ons jou kon terugkry vir ons, is net genade. Mag God jou deur hierdie moeilike tyd help en mag jy weer volkome vrede en vreugde vind. Ons klomp

(via Facebook)