The Little Schoolhouse

I was a work from home mom until Daniel was 3 and a half and ready to go to nursery school. He was getting bored at home and wanted friends of his own age to play and interact with. My search for the perfect nursery school and a perfect 3 year old nursery school teacher began. I searched the internet, asked friends of friends of friends for input and recommendations. I even spoke to strangers with small children finding out where their children went to school.

Armed with a list of nursery schools and addresses I drove to every possible school to find the best for Daniel. Some received a big "no" straight away, some a "maybe" but the big "yes this is what I want for my Daniel" came the day I went to check out The Little Schoolhouse. I was immediately impressed by their good security regulations, fully walled premises, double gates with intercom and video surveillance. Non parents were only allowed entrance by appointment. As a parent I can today confirm that at The Little School House safety of the children is an all inclusive non compromising priority.

A school where I knew my child would be safe and when I met Ezelle, the school principal and she showed me the school I also knew that my child would be happy there. At The Little Schoolhouse in Rustenburg the energy is warm, caring and understanding and they take so much care to ensure emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical growth and well being of the precious little human beings left in their care.

My next concern was about the person who would be Daniel's first teacher –how could I dream at the time that Teacher Elize would also be Daniel's last and only teacher in what turned out to be his short sweet life. Teacher Elize is a wonderful person and I will never forget her love and understanding for a unique boy who has never gone to school before.

Daniel loved his school and his Teacher Elize big time and who will ever forget how he wore his school T-shirt day and night just after I bought it for him. He insisted the Teacher Elize bought it for him and I was so glad that I had the wisdom to buy 2 blue Little Schoolhouse shirts.

Daniel also adored his friends, he called them his Noddy fwends....and we played an imaginary hide and seek game with them every morning when we arrived at the school. "Where are they? Up in the tree? No? In the class? No? Watching TV? Yes!!!" He made sure that I knew to invite them ALL for his 4th birthday party coming up.

The birthday that he would never reach and a new year at school that he would never start. He drowned the day before he would have gone back to school after the December holidays.
To: Ezelle, Jaconette, Teacher Elize and all the other teachers, staff, parents and friends from The Little Schoolhouse,

Thank you so so much from me and from Daniel for:
  • coming to his funeral
  • the happy time you gave to Daniel
  • caring about Daniel as if he was your own
  • Teacher Elize for my beautiful CD that I still play in my car
  • all the tears that has flown from your hearts after losing Daniel
  • allowing me to sit in his Noddy class and follow his small footsteps
  • letting me feel welcome to come back to his school after he had died
  • every little friend who missed Daniel and asked when was coming back
  • all the parents who prayed for me and who still keep us in their thoughts and hearts.
How sad that we were all deprived from the pleasure of having Daniel with us; his wisdom, personality, intelligence, sweetness and love. I miss it every day. I know you do to.



Ezelle said...

Hi, ek hoop dat jy darem al in gesettle het injou nuwe plekkie. Ek dink nie die gemis kan ooit minder word nie maar tyd sal hopelik die seer bietjie beter maak. Pas jouself op. Liefde Ezelle

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Elize said...

Ons harte gaan uit na jou - Daniel was 'n sonstraaltjie in almal se lewe en eendag sal ons al die antwoorde kry wat ons soek - DIT WEET EK! EK WENS NET EK KON JOU NOU 'N HUG GEE! Lovies v Elize Taute

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Denise Armstrong said...

I loved this Alison. What a great way to share his experience and joys from a great school. I remember feeling the same way when we found my youngest's daycare.
Your little man has touched my heart so much...xox...

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