Luke's Army

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.

- William Blake -

I dedicate these true words to my crystal angel child Daniel and to sweet little Luke Borusiewicz (22/09/2006 - 18/01/2009).

Please join Luke's Army - his story made me feel humble and thankful for the wonderful quality of the time I had with my son. No one is perfect and no one is a perfect parent. I have been emailing Michael, Lukey's dad and I have experienced him as a true person, a great father and someone who needs all the love and support that he can get and that he deserves.

Their story is too sad for me to tell and I thank Michael for the detailed comment to this post describing the horrific circumstances surrounding little Lukey's death.


Lukes Army said...

I hope your days become easier and meaningful, I know how it feels to lose your reason for living. We have to stay strong and try to be happy, as to feel sadness and waste our lives away would make our children sad, they would feel responsible.
I believe in God, and I believe that as our children are to young to be sinners or know what sin is, they graduate automatically into heaven.
Jesus said to mourners at a christian funeral "Weep not like those who have no hope."
My faith has been my strength, as well as my love for Luke, and my sons love for me.
I pray for your son and mine to be under the care of God.

Lukes Army said...

The day that DoCS (The Department of Child safety) took my little boy away.

I gave Luke that silver childrens size drum kit the day they took him away. That is what reminded me that the woman from the Department of Child Safety was watching when we filmed this. I wanted to show her how good he was. At this stage I had him singing, playing piano, guitar and harmonica every day and he had begun to draw. His mum had gone missing for a week and Luke and I enjoyed each others company more than anything in the world. On the last morning when he woke up, he started talking like I had never seen him talk before, neither would I see him talking so happily again. He was taken from me five minutes after this video. The child safety woman did not give a reason for anything. She took him from his sleep, I was religous about his midday nap. The only people who ever woke him up, ever, during his midday nap was child safety. Twice.

He was taken and put with his mother in housing supplied by some emergence housing place. They took him despite his mothers long list of complaints from the public about the neglect of Lukes two older siblings, both born 7 years apart from each other.
In fact one womans shelter had reported her to DoCS and stated that all of her money was spent on Drugs and Alcohol and they were forced to feed the children. She was so drunk she asked them to ring an ambulance because she couldnt feel her legs.
Another womans shelter kicked her out on the first night because she got so drunk. Now on this day when they took Luke away I was fine, as you see in the video I did with Luke where I played piano and Luke sang and also played piano.
Once they rang me and asked me if I had been giving him lollies or soft drinks. I told them I always brought fruit and childrens drinks for the visits and enquired as to why they would ask this.
She told me that he was very upset and disturbed after our visit together. Any fool could tell you that is because he missed the one person who always protected him, adored him, worshipped him, spoilt him rotten. Later they would take him from me, after I had been drug free and in a successful relationship with Lukes Mum as she had stopped abusing alcohol when we went to Townsville. He was taken away screaming by a policeman and shifted from foster home to foster home in Townsville, and then from foster home to foster home in Cairns, until he was left for six hours with a fractured skull while at one of those foster homes, this ultimately caused Lukes death.
My two year old son was kicked out of his foster home the day before christmas. Now if I did that to my two year old, I would be in Jail. If I left my little boy there with a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain, a blood clot, scratches on the face and a finger that must have been slammed into a door to be that purple, I would be in Jail.
Let me tell you how our government takes care of problems like these. Last year sixty three children died while in foster care.Deaths of children or young people known to the Department of Child Safety, age group by number,
Refer to the Glossary for definitions of data items contained in this table.
This is what you call a cover up. Accidental 15, natural causes 20, unknown 12. How did 47 children that were known to child safety die last year. And not one of them are suspicious?
Now this is what I was informed by police. There was nothing suspicious to report. That is when I wrote my Letter to the Coroner.