Fussy Eater

Eating was definately not one of Daniel's favourite activities.

The photo was taken the first day that Daniel was introduced to solid foods. Not impressed, and that never changed :-)

Daniel didn't eat broken food - not a biscuit that was chipped, not a saugage broken in two, not an apple or fruit cut into pieces.

Daniel also didn't eat mixed food like macaroni and cheece, pizza or spaghetti and mince. He only eat plain food and only one type of food at a time in his plate.

I remember the first lunch box I packed to school: Dry pieces of toast, not even butter with boiled egg whites and an apple to be peeled whole.

The list below is from an email I sent to Daniel's dad to let him know what food to give to Daniel, the food that he ate, only this.

Apple, peeled whole
Banana (sometimes)
Any other fresh fruit is worth a try

Fish fingers

Viennas (most of the times)
Dry wors
Hamburger patties

Scrambled eggs
Boiled egg whites

2 Min noodles (chicken flavour)
Dry toast (toasted light, no butter, crusts cut off)
Marmite or peanut butter bread (not sandwiched, crusts cut off)
French toast

Cheese (grated)

The last item that should be added to this list is calamari rings. We went to a restaurant about a week before Daniel died and he discovered that he could eat octopus feet! He liked the idea and we liked it that Daniel ate anything other than drinking a pink milkshake.

My lovely child, I miss him more than word can say and my heart pains every time I see calamari rings on a menu.