The photo of Daniel was taken at Rustler's Valley. We were walking back to our camp site when he suddenly stopped to sit down in the middle of the road, to play with the small stones and the sand. I took the photo looking at the small piece of orange in this big wide world and my heart overflowed with love.
Rustler's Valley in the eastern Free State is one of the most beautiful places in South Africa, nestled in a valley and surrounded by mountains.

It is a sacred space. A place where we can connect with our loved ones, friends, the Universe, God and nature. You can feel the magic, peace and powerful energy, hear the drum beats and fall in love with the night sky.

It was my most favourite place in the world but I might not ever go back because what used to be my biggest pleasures bring the most pain.

The happy things and places that I shared with Daniel create a prominent awareness within me that Daniel can now only exist as a memory, that he is from my past, never to be part of my present or my future again.

And the harshness of this realisation rips through my heart and soul.


Denise said...

It seems so magical. I hope you can find the strength to return. Daniel's spirit will be there for sure. He looks so content in this picture. Like a little ray of light on this earth.