Dreams And Wishes

Today is a week before Daniel's birthday. Next week Monday he would have turned 4.

He was so excited about his birthday and about having a birthday party. For no specific reason other than wanting to spend some alone time with him, I took Daniel for an Friday afternoon drive on the 2nd of January. We listened to music, he later slept for a while and when he woke up I stopped to buy ice cream, "green" chippies and cold drink before heading back home.

We spoke about going back to school after the holidays and then, once again recited the sequence of birthdays shared between his 2 families:

First was Hendri's birthday in May - the day on which this photo was taken;

then at the end of December was Alecia's birthday;

coming up would be my birthday in January;

his Dad's birthday in February;

and finally…Daniel's birthday in March!

He was so excited about about having a party. He asked for a Spiderman cake and named all the friends to be invited.

When I asked what he wanted for his birthday present, he said that he wanted a small camera - to take photos of animals.

His father is a professional photographer and it touched my heart that Daniel's real wish was not so much about getting a camera. It was to be like his Dad.