Where’s Daniel

Like most toddlers Daniel loved to hide himself – in the cupboard, behind the curtains, under the covers and then we had to look for him saying "Where's Daniel? Where's Daniel?" until he decided to reveal himself and then we had to say "oh there's Daniel" followed by laughter and happy feelings for having found him. Over and over we had to play this.

Daniel added a little twist to this game. After asking "where's Daniel" a few times, I first had to "cry" because my child was gone. So I faked crying about my lost child and once he decided I cried enough he would come out for the happy reunion.

Now my child is really gone and unlike the game we so often played Daniel would not be found again in this life.
Today I packed away his red car chair, the bounce ball I gave him for a Christmas present, his little slide (wiiieeeee), the Lego blocks that were Hendri and Alecia's kept for Daniel for when he would be old enough, his spider man chair and his little blue bicycle still with the training wheels on the side.