Daniel always slept with me in my bed but he would often after waking up, go to Henry or Alecia's bed for a cuddle and a bit more sleep. I took this photo in December 2006, while we were on holiday. I remember how warm and happy I felt looking at my precious boys.

Although nearly two years passed between when the photo was taken to when Henry and Daniel gave me this letter, I feel that they must go together. Probably as I see both to be visual expressions of the close bond that reigned between two brothers and of the love between my children and I, ever present.

It was about 2 months before Daniel's death that Henry and Daniel wrote this special "letter" to me. "Lief vir jou" are the Afrikaans for "I love you".

And from me, to my two beautiful boys:

"I love you too, Neni"
"I love you too, Daniel"


Andrea said...

What a precious, precious picture and note. Thinking of you! Thank you for sharing.

Pokagon Member said...

bohzo Alison

I tell you my story in a time of my own personal grief, I only hope that it will bring some meaning to you and help in some way.

My son's name is Tyson, hes is 23 years old and he is the the Air Force, something happened while he was there and he just came apart.

He left his last note saying that he could not live with himself anymore and did not deserve to live. I do not know what happened but I do know that what we ask of our children, sometimes they can't cope with or do.

My boy lies in ICU on life support and doctors do not believe that he will make it, leaving me with the worse choice that a parent can ever be left with.

When God needs our children more than we do, sometimes he must take them to be with him.

I still continue to blog in hopes that it will heal as I know that words can. Sometimes words can help others, I have been privileged to have followed your blog for a while now, I guess God led me to you so I could see my journey out of darkness. Reading your blog lets me know that I am not alone on grief, it shows how remembering heals.

I wish you the best days ahead and realize your journey leads you through many feelings, do not stop blogging, for the many people who find meaning in your words.


Natalie said...

The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child.
~Joe Houldsworth

Thinking of you! X

debbie said...

Such a beautiful picture. Daniel is so cute!