What makes Daniel's drowning different to other accidental swimming pool drownings?

Other parents will explain with regret, how a small distraction caused them to lose focus of their toddler and the water for a few minutes only for their attention to return to their child floating in the swimming pool; 80% of home drowning victims had been missing for 5 minutes or less before they were found in the water and 70% were not expected to be in or near the pool area at the time.
No one was looking after Daniel when he drowned. While both his dad and his step mother were fully aware that the children had free access to the open unfenced swimming pool, his dad left the house to go somewhere while his stepmother continued working on her PC in a home office situated at the opposite end of the premises to where the swimming pool is. Before his stepmother eventually found Daniel in the pool he had last been seen in the TV room where his 7 and 8 year old half siblings were playing TV games. It was one of the children who noticed that Daniel wasn't with them anymore and when they couldn't find him they went to tell their mother. They first searched inside the house before they went outside where his half sister later spotted Daniel's body.
Without any delay other parents immediately called emergency services
Although their house is only minutes away from 2 major hospitals, equipped world-class 911 emergency response services, Daniel's stepmother only called her husband to alert him that Daniel had drowned. As their car was in for a service on that day, his father had left the house earlier driving his small scooter and from he received the phone call, it took him all the time to get home on his scooter and stopping on the way to borrow someone's car so that they could take Daniel to hospital. Around the time that Daniel's dad finally arrived at the house someone managed to call 911 but it was too late.
This extract is from the internet report that was published about 911 call-outs on the day of Daniel's death:
Netcare 911 Statement: On Tuesday 06 January 2009, Netcare 911 paramedics responded to 2 drowning incidents in Sandton just hours apart.
11h19 Wendywood. Paramedics responded from the nearby Netcare Sunninghill hospital and arrived on the scene within minutes of receiving the call for help. They were told that the victim had been transported by a private car to a nearby hospital. A follow up revealed that the victim was a young boy who was approximately 3 and a half years old. Tragically, the victim died in hospital.

In the event of an emergency, especially a drowning when time is crucial, the public are advised not to try and rush the victim to hospital in a car as no treatment is undertaken during the trip and this time is then lost. It is preferential to call the emergency services who will assist you with step by step CPR over the telephone until the paramedics arrive and take over from you. This way the victim will receive treatment as soon as they are found and this should drastically improve their chances of recovery.
Other parents cannot hide their heartfelt remorse. I look into their broken hearts and I see sorrow and also a deep regret. I see in them the agony associated with drowning. I admire how they bravely share their stories with the hope to prevent another tragedy. They start foundations to create drowning awareness in memory of their children ( Hannah, Joshua, Colin ). My heart goes out to all these parents because they feel, like I do, the grief of all parents who have lost a beloved child.

Daniel's father and stepmother closed off the "Daniel chapter" in their lives on the day of his drowning. If they do remember Daniel they make sure that no one can see it - because they behave as if this sweet child of mine, never existed.


Belinda said...

Lots of love, and lots of strength, and lots of BIG hugs, for a very special Mommy. x

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We will never forget Daniel xxx

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Ai Ali ek wil jou so graag net 'n stywe drukkie gee. Sterkte vir jou ek bid vir jou.

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our hearts are broken Alison. we are still waiting for the builder of our house to be charged, I doubt it will every happen. I hope that Daniel has some justice where you live, we are here to help you with it. xxxxxxx Kat xxxx

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Sending you love and prayers. Heartbreaking xx

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"Lots of love to you Alison xxxx"

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Thinking of you Alison & sending you lots of love & hugs xxxx

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Oh Alison,
I wish I could just give you a great big hug. Daniel will NEVER be forgotten. It just breaks my heart what you have had to go through. Please know that I'm thinking of you, Daniel and your other sweet children. Sending my love your way.

debbie said...

I am thinking of you and Daniel every day! I saw this on someone's blog today and thought I wuold pass it on.

"...Year one-stunned, numb, disbelief. You don't want to be here going through this. Year two - worse. Years three, four, and five - you still don't want to be here, but you keep waking up alive. Five through ten-gradually getting better each day. You've learned that you can live with a hole in your heart & missing your child so much you think you'll explode. You're on the mend. Besides, someday you'll see your child again. After everything you've been through, you can wait..."
"People are kind, but they don't get it. They tire of waiting for me to return to myself...it takes time to understand. You don't eat an elephant all at once, you eat it bite by bite." -Melody Beattie, The Grief Club

Have you heard of this author or book? I read an excerpt of it on amazon, and it had good reviews if you're interested.

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Thinking of you Alison, I hope that you are doing well.


Check out this address if you have time, copy and paste it in your search engine.


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