Expecting Daniel

Being pregnant with Daniel…
  • The photo was taken of me and Henry, four days before Daniel was born, not that I had any idea that his birth was so close – he wasn't expected in at least another few weeks
  • The close bond between me and Daniel was formed while he was still in my womb when I was taught a self-hypnosis meditation technique specifically developed for expecting mothers to communicate with their unborn babies. Whenever I went into meditation to connect with Daniel he responded with special kicks. It filled me with the deepest of love and wonder to feel him making his "happy kicks" for me.
  • His name was already decided on but while he was growing in my stomach, we (me, Henry and Alecia) lovingly called him D'alien. We couldn't wait for him to start his worldly journey and to see our little alien transform from the little thing on the ultrasound scans into our long awaited for baby brother.
Expecting Daniel was the most wonderful experience, as special as everything else was about him. I feel blessed that we were given the honour to be Daniel's family. He enriched our lives and he gave us in nearly four years, memories of pleasure, joy and happiness that will last a lifetime. Our love for him will never ever fade and we long for him every single day…our super special darling, the little D'Alien angel.


Mike Ellis said...

Its so great to hear you talk about Daniel-share that with us-I think about you and your family often-My wife is with your Daniel I am sure-And I am with you through this as well on this end-kinda strange how this all works,Mike

InfEnMa said...

Dear Alison,
If mothers in the world has 10% of your motherhood "properties" and devotion, it would be a much better place. Maybe Daniel was so amazing just because of you. And obviously the connection you have created when you both were one, remained after his birth. Like the bond of twins... This is wonderful phenomenon. Mothers are able to create such amzing things!

Anonymous said...

Dear Alison,
you were certainatley a very specail mother and the love you shared with your son Daniel and the love you still share for him shines through you every day.

Nawaal said...

So sorry when I read about Daniel, I hope you've found peace. Take care