Love Me Too

Dearest Daniel

I still think of you all the time and the pain in my being is ever present. I remember our special moments together with so much clarity that if I close my eyes I can imagine you being with me.

I remember... we sang the Barney song together

I love you
You love me
We're a happy family
With a great big hug
and a kiss from me to you
won't you say...
YOU LOOOOVE MEEEE TOOO you would put your little arms around me saying "Sowwy Mamma" whenever you thought I was sad about something. I you could do it today, it will once again take away all my sadness. Oh my darling, I miss you so much. you insisted that your feet be open when you slept. every single light had to be switched off when you went to bed and that the only light you allowed would moonlight shining over us.

I look at the moon and the stars and I feel our love binding us together. My Angel child, I will cry about you until we are together again.

I love you
From your Mamma


Andrea said...

Oh, so sweet Alison. Thank you for sharing those tender moments with your sweet Daniel. The are so very precious.
Sending my love your way.
Wyatt's mommy

Rida said...

It's such comforting words "when we are together again" not that we want to rush it but just to know we will be together again - happy memories xx Think about you lots