Without Our Children

Our months, become weeks and then we will be counting days, before the hours, minutes and finally seconds until a year is reached without our children.

In one month and one day I will be without Daniel for a year. For my online friend Denise, there are only a few more days left before being a year without her daughter Angie.

I wish I knew what to say to a mother who suffered through her first year of loss and agony. She who knows just like I do, that this pain is not going to end soon. I can only hold her in my thoughts and I pray that she will be surrounded by love and peace but most of all may she feel her Angie closest to her heart.
The words are from the song Tattva by Kula Shaker, for Angie and her Ma…and as always, for Daniel:

Tattva, acintya bheda abheda tattva

Like the flower and the scent of summer, like the sun and the shine
Well the truth may come in strange disguises, send a message to your mind

At the moment that you wake from sleeping, and you know it's all a dream
Well the truth may come in strange disguises, never knowing what it means

For you shall be tomorrow, like you have been today


Denise said...

These words are so true. I've dreaded this month's arrival.
There are no words to discribe how I feel now or have felt this past year.
I'm grateful for those special parents I've met along this journey but saddened over how we've met :(

I wish for you Alison that little Daniels spirit finds ways to tickle your soul over the holidays. I know this is your first Christmas without your little boy :( ...it's just not right.... See More
Strength, love, support & hopefully peace I too pray for you and your family♥

Thank you Alison....this note is so touching & sweet♥

Angie's Ma always...Denise..xox

Lukes Army said...

Hi Alison, I hope you are doing ok my friend. Stay beautiful.