Daniel loved to sleep with his nose in the air, head back and mouth open and I think that was the reason why we started to call him our little Pikkewyn (Afrikaans for penguin).

It was one of the many special, unique things that Daniel did, constantly warming our hearts with his lovely presence and personality…..

There is also a special penguin song that I made up for Daniel. It is in Afrikaans (our first language) and he could never get enough of me singing it to him.

His entire being would show his joy and his enjoyment when he heard the familiar words came jingling from my heart...

Pikkewyn pikkewyn
Jou lieflike ding
Dis vir jou
Dis vir jou
Dis vir jou wat ek sing...


Hele said...

Hallo Aly!

Pikkewyn is tog te pragtig! Ek sal van nou af altyd aan Danny dink as ek 'n pikkewyntjie sien.

Lief jou baie!


Henri said...

Ons Rohan slaap en le net so met sy kop so agtertoe, neus in die wind en mond oop-ek't net gister vir Liana gese hoe weird dit is - dit lyk vi ons soms ongemaklik ma hy love dit uit die aard van die saak!Sal foto probeer neem ,dis baie toevallig...GROETE

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Denise said...

I love that you found a penguin picture. Daniel is truly the cutest little boy! In this picture he may be dreaming of his favorite Mermaids :-)

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