I dedicate my post today to my 2 Canadian friends Blake and Denise who are walking the same heartbreaking, challenging road than I do.

Blake has lost his son Joshua as a result of accidental drowning and I feel humble and inspired by the amazing work he does in order to create water safety awareness and stop young children from drowning, making the world a better place.

I quote from a message he wrote:

"We are in the most rotten club a person can belong to. I am going to try my best to lock the doors to this club and keep other families from joining. And I am going to teach the children to help me lock those doors"

Denise is my grief sister, a special friend, an angel. She cries with me and we share our thoughts, experiences, sad and happy memories and real life moments.

She taught me not to shy away from the symbols and signs that remind me of Daniel. She explained to me that it is Daniel’s way to tell me that he is with me and that I should embrace without fear all that symbolises Daniel's energy, like the penguins, mermaids, sea shells.

Today I bought a small beaded penguin that now drives around with me in my car and I started to smile whenever I see a pretty girl with long hair because Daniel said they were all mermaids. He loved mermaids and even Barbie and Brats dolls were mermaids and he would be very impressed if I covered his duvet and pillow with Alecia’s old Brats duvet cover and pillow case so that he could sleep and dream with the mermaids.
 "I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each" 
- T.S Elliot -

The mermaid weaves a siren song that leads you to vision and mystery. Half woman, half fish, the lovely mermaid represents the power of our unconscious desires.

She gives us the power to seek beneath the waves of our emotions and dreams for the pearls that lie beneath, and she reminds us that unless we follow the truth our inner selves, then our lives are as ephemeral as sea foam.

Mermaids are symbolic of a happy and joyful time and of transmutation. They have been associated with love, intuition, hope and they live in the water realm which is the realm of the intuition, feeling, and the unconscious.

Dreams of mermaids come from deep within oneself and I often listen to the mermaids singing because they are, in fact, singing for me.


Blake Collingsworth said...

Alison thank you for the kind words. We can make a difference together even from such a far distance away. If we can connect that distance with a chain of educating words to children and adults, then we will have made a chain strong enough to hold the club doors closed.

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Denise said...

Oh Alison!...I've got tears running down my face...
I'm sooo glad you bought a Pikkewyn. It's from Daniel's memory and you may find it will bring you lots of comfort. I too have bought items I know my daughter would just love! They remind me of her...and seems to pop up at just the right moments too. It's their love that pulls us forward (the things that they loved)...I want to bring as much of my daughter with me as possible, like you want to bring Daniel.
I'm honored to have you as a friend and your family in my life!
Now I have a sweet picture of Daniel sleeping ...( a precious one too )....I will include that picture into my prayers for you Alison...xx..


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Dawn de Bruyn said...

huge hug to you my friend!

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