Just Daniel

Random memories:

I remember his eyes, dark like melted chocolate- sometimes like quiet pools of soulful dreams, sometimes starry and sparkling and often locked in love with me – ice blue and warm brown sharing more love than words can express.

I also tried to remember what went into the gift box that I put on top of the little white coffin that sad sad day in January.

Hendri’s dragon from his bookshelf
Mickey Mouse club house DVD
Sponge Bob Squarepants cap
One of the My Little Ponies
Blue Thomas Train truck
A framed photo of me
Alien spray

I remember how Daniel would come looking for our belly buttons to bore his little finger in our tummy’s. It was such a tickly, itchy, funny feeling.

I remember the exquisite closeness to pick him up, hugging him, holding him close to my heart.
Dearest Daniel
I think of you every second of every day and night and my tears haven’t stop flowing. I just miss you more and more. I see all the pleasures that you haven’t lived to experience and I wish with every bit of my entire being that you were still here with me. You are so precious to me and my sense of loss is so severe. I love my Angel child, as much as always.


Mike J Ellis said...

Hi Alison, been thinkin about you and sending you my thoughts--I know its a hard path to go down --just know your never alone threw this.I may be far away but only as far as your puter screen to.

(via Facebook)