The email was sent to me by Alecia, my older daughter after reading this blog. My heart aches for her as I know how deeply she loved Daniel and how devastated she still is. I wish I could have taken her pain on me. I wish that with all my heart.
From : Alecia
To : Mom

just read dannys blog it so beautiful thank u so much for doing that blog for us.

i miss him so much nd that blog helps so much to remember the sound of his voice and all the beautiful things he did an said im so grateful for the time we spent together and the way he brought our family together but that was just the type of amazing baby he was.

i remember the one time when we were in the bath and all of a sudden he threw me with the dippy dolphin bubble bottel and he laughed loudly and said "ek jou gooi sha" (i am throwing at you sha) and that the sound of his laughter would make you forget about the pain of where you got hit with a bottel of bubbels and just start laughing with him.

that one baby had a huge impact on the way i live my life now and on the person i am today without him i would be just a sister but thanks to him i am a sister who was lucky enough to know that amazing baby and be able to spend the best 3 years and 10 months of my life with him because those 3 years and 10 months made gave the definition of love.

10 years 3 months and 3 days i waited 2 be the lukiest big sister there ever was