Empty Space

We had been a family of 3 ( a Mom, a brother Henry and a sister Alecia) for 8 years before Daniel was born.

When I discovered that I was pregnant against all medical odds it was a very unexpected but most awesome surprise.

For Henry and Alecia to be getting a baby brother or sister was a dream came true and when the sonar confirmed that it was a boy, we named him Daniel.

Daniel made us complete. A perfect unique happy family of 4, and we often thought and discussed how we couldn't imagine life before we had Daniel. Life without him looked so empty, a remote existence from our past and definitely not a place that we ever wanted to go back to. Our future always included a Daniel. It had to, losing Daniel wasn't an option for us....but on 6 January 2009 our biggest fear and the worst thing that could possibly happen to us became real. Daniel died and we became a family of only 3 again - the saddest most hopeless feeling ever.