Daniel Delights

Daniel adored (in no specific order):

01. His family (Mamma, Neni, Lecia)
02. Playing Monsters Inc on the PC (his niekie nak)
03. Talking on the phone with Mike
04. Gunter and Michelle's fish pond
05. Mickey Mouse Club House
06. Rainbow Rob story book
07. Hiss Eeyore blanket (ie oe bersie), Winnie the Pooh pillow and a bottle with warm milk
08. Painting including painting fingers and toes with nail polish...Tracy :-)
09. Schae
10. Reading stories with Hendri and also when they make up their own stories
11. His Teacher Elize and his Noddy friends from his school The Little School House
12. To pretend there is a monster and then to hide under the covers of his bed
13. Driving around with his mom sitting in his red car chair
14. The Spur - not to eat ...to go play
15. Balls, balloons, blowing bubbles and blowing out candles
16. His dad and other half brother and sister, Josh and Erin
17. His wooden train set and even better when he received the blue Thomas locomotive to go with it - a gift that came all the way from Germany, from a very dear friend Stefan
18. To make things go up in the sky
19. Spending hours in the bath with Alecia
20. Nursery rhymes and songs...Old Mcdonald, Twinkle Twinkle, ABCD

This list is by no means complete as Daniel loved life too much to confine his delights to a list of 20. Just to be in his presence was pure pleasure and I feel deprived of my happiness and joy, having to continue my life without him.