Gifts Of Love

I went back to Daniel's grave today - the first time since his funeral on 13 January 2009.

I looked at the little mountain of red ground - a fresh grave in the children's section of the cemetery. My child's grave. I cried for him and for all the other parents that also had to bury a precious child in that same piece of earth. It is a place where the air is filled with sorrow, a place where love and pain combine.

My mother's instinct and desire to give to my child has not subsided. My heart find it impossible to accept that I will never have an opportunity to give anything to Daniel again. I couldn't go empty handed and took for him stones and coloured crystals.

He loved nature...water, stones, sea shells (one of his symbols), mud, the sea, mountains, animals. He also loved to bring special gifts to me, treasures he found when playing outside....a flower, or a leave,maybe a piece of wood,often stones and on special days I would bring me feathers (one of my symbols). I would smile and say thank you to him, hug him and hold him close to have a moment where our only awareness would be of the deep love we share for each other.
Dearest Danny,
I dream of you at night and wake up only to find your place next to me on my bed empty and cold. I miss you with all my heart and all my soul and will always love you.