For What Binds Us

For What Binds Us

There are names for what binds us:
strong forces, weak forces.
Look around, you can see them:
the skin that forms in a half-empty cup,
nails rusting into the places they join,
joints dovetailed on their own weight.
The way things stay so solidly
wherever they've been set down --
and gravity, scientists say, is weak.

And see how the flesh grows back
across a wound, with a great vehemence,
more strong
than the simple, untested surface before.
There's a name for it on horses,
when it comes back darker and raised: proud flesh,

as all flesh
is proud of its wounds, wears them
as honors given out after battle,
small triumphs pinned to the chest --

And when two people have loved each other
see how it is like a
scar between their bodies,
stronger, darker, and proud;
how the black cord makes of them a single fabric
that nothing can tear or mend

Painting : Gustav Klimt
Words : Of Gravity and Angels - Jane Hirshfield


Lisa said...

I just found your beautiful blog and tribute to a very special little angel. What a beautiful child your Daniel was and is!!! Always in your heart and given to you for a purpose:) God bless you as we enter the Christmas season and celebrate as one united family:)

Lisa Murphy

Anonymous said...

Querida Alison, a minha garganta ficou apertada e não consegui ler mais.
Sou mãe...
Acarinha as memórias, mima todos os teus filhos (os que podes abraçar e o que guardas no coração).
Há-de existir um sentido na vida.
Que um dia voltes a encontrar o teu pinguim...
Força e muita coragem!