To Treasure

This is Daniel's school report that he received in December 2008, after completing his very first term at school. I was (still am) so proud of him and looked forward to see him progress throughout his school career.

From the teacher's file, his Teacher Elize later also gave me her official progress report about Daniel. She wrote as follows:
Since Daniel has been a part of the Noddy class - late in 2008 he has made a lot of friends.

He is a friendly little boy who knows all his colours and shapes and even the ABS...all the way to Z.

He is happy to come to school and is very eager to see what we do each day.

See you again in 2009, Daniel!
But was never to be. Daniel died on the 6th of January 2009, the day before he would have gone back to school.


Maria said...

Hey Ally, just thinking of you...know that I love you tons!

Belinda said...

Alison, what a beautiful little report, so special. Oh, my friend you must be so missing your little angel, boy. Hard to comprehend, but I send you lots of love. x

Teresa said...

‎((Hugs)) to you Alison.