Want Daniel

I feel so very very sad about Daniel since last Sunday (more sad than I have felt in a long long time). It is a terrible sadness because it is so clear and without hope. Just an empty reality that he will never come back, that life has continued for nearly two years, that I will probably never find the answers that I desperately seek, that I will never heal.

Soon it will be December and January - the months to remind me of all that I wish never happened.


Groves said...

I don't know how anyone is expected to bear it, how anyone CAN bear it. And yet life forces itself on somehow, even if we are only enduring it.

I so mourn that your Daniel is not in your arms. His pictures, his eyes - I always think, it is the most wrong thing in the world that your child has been ripped from you.

It reminds me of a C.S. Lewis quote: "The cold, unsmiling face of Hell." Daniel's death seems a picture of what Hell must be. I should say, of what Hell IS, because you are having to live through it every day.

I realize not everyone believes in Hell. All I know is, Daniel being taken from you has forced you to live there.

I'm so sorry.

Thinking of you very often,

Cathy in Missouri

Lukes Army said...

Rest in Peace little angel, until the angels come for you and take you to the perfect place to spend eternity, always as innocent as you were. Always with the love of your family.
With love from Uncle Mick.

Theresa said...

Sadly, I know exactly how that empty reality feels :( I am sorry and ((HUGS))

Yves said...

when you are ready - the answers will come - i strongly believe this.

Nelia said...

My hart gaan uit na jou toe.xo

Carmen said...

I pray that God comforts you.