I Am You And You Are Me

Dearest Daniel

My entire being still aches for you, all the same and my thoughts are constantly filled by you, sometimes with memories and sometimes with dreams.

Please stay close to me, my Darling. I feel so torn between my children on earth and my angel in heaven, without an answer and afraid of all my possible futures. Life and death have become strange concepts and to stop my mind from spiraling into darkness, I believe without seeing reason and without understanding.

I miss how beautiful you are, to hear you talking, to wake up with you, to see you discover the world. I miss YOU and the feeling I have for you is a deep, powerful emotion, something greater and better than love – it is a confirmation that our souls will forever be bound, as mammadaniel, in all the worlds to come and beyond the end of time.

I hold you and kiss you in my dreams tonight and always be well my precious Pikkewyntjie as I am you and you are me.



Anee said...

Ai Ali hang in there dis pragtig die

Tracy said...

He will always be the air that you breathe xoxox

Belinda said...

And the beat in your heart. x

Anonymous said...

And the love you share with the world.


Michael said...

Hi again allison. Hope you are coping alright mate. You are a beautiful person and your son received all the love in the world from you and though our flesh may die. Something as strong as your love for each other is too pure to ever be weakened. He is waiting for you in the sea of love.