Daniel's Favourite Things

Shape : A heart
Feeling : To go down a slide... WIIIEEEEEE

PC Game : Little People ABCD and Monster Inc Scare Island
Ice Cream : Moo Cow Chocolate Ice Cream

Big Animal : Elephant or when he just started to talk "Attetoo"
Barney DVD : Barney Zoo (with the Elephants :)

Clothing Brand : Naughty Company Children's Wear

Time with Henry : Playing ball or Playstation
Time his Mom : Shopping!
Time with Alecia : Bubble Baths, Extreme sports

Winnie The Pooh character : Tigger;  spelled " T-I-double-guh-err"

Imaginary Friend : Rhoda…(he never said if it was a boy or girl)

Nursery Rhyme : 10 Little Monkeys
Nursery Song : Old McDonald in every form and flavour, CD set on repeat...E-I-E-I-O.. E-I-E-I-O
Story Book : Rainbow Rob about a little penguin who explores the rainbow

Pop Song : Heartbreaker
TV Show : Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Reptile : A Lizard, although he also liked the other reptiles just not frogs (to my big relief)
Colour : Another mystery as he never told us. My best guess would be yellow

Emotion : Love


Andrea said...

Thank you for sharing Daniel's favorites and letting me get to know him a little better. What a darling boy. Just wanted you to know I think of you and your sweet Daniel all the time. I hope you are able to find moments of comfort as your heart continues to ache.
Wyatt's mommy

Tina said...

Dearest Alison,
it amazes me every time I read your blog how much you can remember of Daniel.
Your time with him has definitely been very intense and you have been a very attentive mother.
I can just say that although I love my children I would not know for most of the things what is their favourite even now. I´m not sure if I am useless or if you are just very special with regards to the attention and love you very clearly gave your children.

Pokagon Potawatomi member said...

bozho (hello)
I am so sorry of your loss and wish you well.