About Henry and Daniel:
  • Henry was 12 when Daniel was born
  • The teachers at Henry's school commented that they had never seen a teenage boy so proud and caring over a baby
  • When Daniel started to talk he said "Neni" for Henry, we followed suit and to this day Henry is our Neni
  • Henry and Daniel loved to kick ball together and it was a daily ritual for them to play outside in the late afternoon before Daniel's bath time
  • Henry taught Daniel to play playstation, sometimes Daniel really played and sometimes he just sat on Henry's lap with the extra control not plugged in thinking that he (Daniel) also was busy playing
  • Daniel loved playing Monsters Inc or Yugioh with Henry on the PC, he also loved to play with Henry's Yugioh cards and to look at all the monsters and mermaids
  • Henry had a book with the collected fairy tales of the Grimm Brothers next to his bed so that he could read for Daniel. They lay together while Henry would read a story and then they would each choose a character and make up their own story.
  • Henry meticulously packed away all the special toys that he had outgrown, for when Daniel was older. Henry often said how much he looked forward to give and share the pleasure of all his boy treasures with Daniel; his collection of Lego Bionicles, computer and playstation games, books, an extensive and rare Yugioh card collection.
  • When Daniel woke up on weekends or during school holidays he went to fetch Henry so that they could snuggle on the couch and watch TV together, that is if Henry wasn't already on the couch.
  • On 13 January 2009 Henry carried the baby brother whom he loved more than anyone can imagine for the final time, not in his arms or on his shoulders like he used to do so often, as one of four men carrying a small white coffin...


Kat said...

It is so hard when you lose a child and you have other children. I have four other, three of them are older like your Henry. Andy is 20, kelsi is 18 and Jordie is 16. They all struggle with Hannahs death and my older son and i no longer talk its that hard. Their pain I cant fix, and it aches me as a mum not to be able to fix it, why cant we fix it?

Kelsi wont talk about Hannah, nor will she visit her grave either. Andy carried her coffin too as did her uncles and god parents and father. it aches me to walk behind her.

We share the Journey keep writing, it encourages me to write.

Love always
(hannahs mum

Cindy said...

"I accidentally found your blog about Daniel and my heart goes out to you. I lost my son as well back in Sept. although he was 20 years old losing a child is hard on any parent. I cried for your loss and I will pray that Daniels memories never fade from your mind. I pray that each day will be happier for Daniel was a gift from God and he has returned to him to watch over you and Henry. May God Bless you, Cindy